HR Interview Preparation
Human Resources only, no technical  


Sit down with Lori, or another HR professional, and discuss the interview process, practice questions and learn what the airlines expect. Hints and tips on how to answer questions, how to present yourself and your documents in the most positive manner. 

This is a comprehensive session covering as many interview question concepts as possible. We want there to be no surprises at your interview and help you to gain the confidence you need to succeed!

» The process is typically six-nine one-on-one hours, but can run longer depending on the individual...

» Each session is done in conjunction with the internet  (meeting room) where I teach you fundamentals and  structure.  Audio (in addition to the visual connection) is either via the computer inside the  meeting room (VoIP) or by telephone.

» Typically the one-on-one process is divided into two  3-hour blocks of  time. 
(Perhaps 3, depending on airline). There is homework assigned and a fundamentals video to get you started.

We are available, and encourage our clients to phone or email us with any questions or concerns up to, and including, the day of the interview (eight week maximum). 


Please email with questions: Lori (at) flytheline .com

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  How are we different?

We take the time to help you understand the interviewer perspective. Lori personally spends on average 6-9 hours with each individual, one on one, with the goal of the client thinking like and interviewer instead of a candidate perspective.

We take the time to help you understand how your answers are interpreted, and why.

This is not a quick process - it takes time to grasp the concepts of the questions posed as well as time to understand how you are perceived. This is an intense learning experience, not for the faint of heart.


Not sure if you need help?

Call us, let's talk about it. 303-386-4133 or send an email Lori (at) flytheline .com


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