Airline Pilot Intervew Prep

"There is only one good, knowledge,
and one evil, ignorance."

- Socrates

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Session 1: Video
The first session we cover fundamentals and building  blocks. I want to change the way you think - so we  need to start at the beginning. Being conscious of your valuable time, this session is in video format for you to watch when it is convenient for you and works with your schedule. 

Homework is assigned after the video to solidify what you  learned in the first session.  This is a very important  piece and cannot be skipped.  You'll need several  hours, to a couple of days. 

Session 2: Video
This video moves into finishing  fundamentals; learning how to structure stories, conflict, dirty laundry, etc.          
Additional homework is assigned based on what we learn in  session 2.  You'll need several days, to complete  it.  Most folks take several days, even up to a week or  more. 

Session 3 : One-on-One
This 3-hour session is one-on-one online via Zoom. We start with any questions or hiccups you had with homework #1 & #2. This is a working session where we brainstorm stories & make sure story structure is correct.

Session 4 : One-on-One
3-hour, one-on-one session where we put everything you learned from previous sessions into motion.  Meaning, we cover any  hiccups you ran into with the homework and then I will rapid-fire questions and listen to all of your stories.
Please allow up to a week to complete any homework assigned after sessions 2 & 3.

Session 5 : One-on-One (Delta, Frontier, American only.)
3-hour, one-on-one session focusing on the SBI or WWYD hypotheticals

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