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With first-hand knowledge of airline hiring practices it is our heart-felt desire to assist our clients to succeed in their chosen profession. 

Schedule your appointments in advance of any interview as you will want plenty of time to practice,learn and perfect your performance. 
Two - four weeks prior to your interview is strongly recommended.

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Human Resources Interview Preparation

Sit down with Lori, or another HR professional, and discuss the interview process, practice questions and learn what the airlines expect.  Hints and tips on how to answer questions, how to present yourself and your documents in the most positive manner. This is a comprehensive session covering... <<more>>



Resume and/or Cover Letter Optimization


Do you need your resume and/or your cover letter reviewed, critiqued or help creating it? Creating, critiquing or modifying your resume... <<more>>

Counseling Services

Have challenge areas or special needs? ... <<more>>


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